Workers Compensation Coverage for Emergency Medical Services

If you understand that workers compensation is a growing expense for your service, we have a solution for you. We understand how your expenses have grown and how increasing revenue has been difficult. HHM has been insuring ambulance services for over 20 years. In 2009, we introduced a workers' compensation program specifically for Emergency Medical Services to help protect your bottom line!

The insurance companies we use specialize in workers compensation cost containment and understand that they play a major role in the price you pay for your coverage. We 'partner' with you to limit the number of claims and to control the costs of those claims. Our program was designed specifically for Emergency Medical Services and is tailored to the EMS industry. Like you, we understand the need to provide quality care in a timely fashion.


Because you spend time helping others, let us spend time helping you find the right insurance coverage for your home or automobile. HHM has teamed up with Selective, and they are offering special rates on homeowners and auto insurance for medical professionals like YOU!

  • Medical Professionals may receive up to a 15% discount on Auto and Home Insurance

Selective has achieved an "A" (Excellent) or better financial strength rating from A.M. Best since 1930.

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To find out how much money you can save as a medical professional, please complete the "online" quote sheet today. Click here.


  • Discounts and coverages are not guaranteed and will only apply when certain criteria is met.
  • Discounts and coverages are not available in all states and may vary.

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