Coverage for Emergency Medical Services in Moon Township and Pittsburgh, PA

Workers' Compensation Coverage for Emergency Medical Services

Emergency medical personnel operate under critical circumstances that are often hazardous and unpredictable.  The potential for bodily harm in their profession is high, and bodily harm can be career-ending or even life threatening.  If an emergency medical service (EMS) worker is injured on the job, worker’s compensation is one way in which an EMS worker can find compensation. 


For emergency medical service providers, maintaining strong worker’s comp plans can be challenging. We contract with several carriers who specialize in EMS services. The insurance carriers we use understand that they play a major role in the price you pay for your coverage and that workers compensation is a growing expense for most EMS providers.  

As expenses grow, increasing revenue may become more difficult.  At HHM we understand that keeping expenses minimal and maximizing coverage are critical to forming adequate EMS worker’s comp insurance plans.  We work on your behalf for optimal coverage from our carriers and partner with you to limit the number of claims you face and to control the costs of those claims. 


What do we offer?

At HHM we offer products and services that meet your EMS needs and address the difficulties that arise when taking care of your injured workers.  We offer a number of services with our programs.  These options include but are not limited to:

  • Cost premium with potential schedule credits
  • Full-service claims reporting
  • Development assistance
  • Case management
  • Risk management and loss control services
  • Pay as You Go capability
  • Safety and risk control resource manuals


Why us?

We have been insuring ambulance services for over twenty years and in 2009 we introduced a workers' compensation program specifically for emergency medical services. Our program continues to have tremendous success and to date, we have helped close to 200 EMS throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and West Virginia (a total of $130,000,000 in payroll insured). Our professionals are highly knowledgeable and have exceptional expertise.  They can help you protect your bottom line and the welfare of your greatest asset – your employees!


The measure of our success is in our clients’ satisfaction and the success of our products.  In both cases, our reputation speaks for itself.  

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Our Providers


"HHM Insurors has been providing Walnut Capital insurance and risk management guidance for over 10 years. Their proactive management of our entire insurance portfolio has allowed us to concentrate on our property development and management business without having to staff our own insurance department."
Todd E. Reidbord, President, Walnut Capital Management, Inc.
"HHM Insurors has been providing Miller Centrifugal Casting Co. insurance services for our Manufacturing business since 2005. Their detail to service and representation of numerous carriers has enabled us to have a very comprehensive program at competitive prices. We appreciate all they do for us."
Rodney J. Francis, V.P. and CEO, MCC International, Inc.
"HHM Insurors has been our insurance advisor since 1982. Because our administrative staff is small we rely on our regular conversations with their firm on an array of contractual related insurance issues."
Nick Aspiotes, President, Almega Company, Inc.
"EMS organizations are struggling with increasing costs on every level. Those who choose to partner with HHM Insurors are better able to manage their worker's compensation costs, and consistently praise HHM's exceptional customer service."
J. R. Henry, President, J.R. Henry Consulting Inc.
"We have been with HHM Insurors for over 20 years and they have always been focused on our bottom line. Again, this year they offered an optional health care plan provider with better coverage than we had and a more competitive workers compensation plan that saved us thousands" A+ service!"
Russell J, Scheller, Director, Richland EMS